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Roll Feeder System

One of the most important problems that can happen during feeding of EOE conversion press, seamer and generally all down stackers is the control of the ends level and the weight on the screws.
It always happened to use precarious systems very difficult to control and consequently loads act of down stackers roller in negative way causing slowdown in the production and difficulties on the regulation of down stackers.
The Roll Feeder system allow to fix the problem thanks to employment of special rolls that measure out feeding on the downstream machine, controlling the load and level on the down stackers. The higher load that the Roll Feeder system can support can achieve substantial height, achieving high feeding speed (1200 ends/minute). 
The Roll Feeder system is just successfully implemented in various EOE and OT production facilities. In addition to the standard circular ends it is used for different shapes, including rectangular and oval. It can work with both TFS/BS and ALU material.

Roll feeder system - Press 4 in Roll feeder system - Press 2 in

Roll feeder system - Reconversion press 2 in Roll feeder system - In seamer

Roll feeder system for 1/4 club end